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Juma Amazon Lodge

Manu and Matheus, from the Instagram account BlogWeLove, spent incredible days here at Juma Lodge. We were so happy with what they had to say about their days at Juma that we felt the need to share a little bit of their experience with the whole world. To do so, we will translate their reports into English and post some beautiful photographs. Visit their Instagram if you are crazy about travelling! We’re sure you’re going to enjoy it.


Our hammock, the sunset between the river and the forest facing the balcony of our bungalow and us. One more shot from the series “places where we could live forever”…


All meals are served between the period of one hour. Breakfast from 7am to 8 am. Lunch from 12pm to 1pm. Dinner from 7pm to 8pm. At the restaurant, there aren’t individual tables for couples, for example. At Juma, you’ll find long tables with benches so everyone can sit together. This arrangement combined to the fact that there is no internet connection, therefore, no wifi, causes a great impact on relationships. People sit together, look into each other’s eyes, talk to each other, share experiences, bond… live the present with the people next to them, instead of narrating it to people away from them.


It sounds silly, but to our perception this makes you enjoy the trip even more. During the same 4 days we were there, there were also guests from Barcelona, from Italy, England and Switzerland. We were in a group of 12 who had all the meals together and went on every tour together. People with different habits and culture, living together this unique and new situation to all.


Can you imagine how special this exchange is?


Rowing down the river is undoubtedly the coolest way of seeing the surroundings of the Amazon Rainforest. The river, like a water mirror, reflects the trees and the clouds. The silence is only broken by the sound of birds. The feeling of being the middle of this huge part of the world, just the canoe and the two of us, made this one of the most incredible afternoons of our lives.



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Por Ariana Gomes

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