Juma Lodge is rustic yet beautiful, offering guests an optimized blend of authenticity and comfort. 6 bungalows offer views of the surrounding forest, 9 are riverfront, 3 are bigger for families, 1 is panoramic and Juma is our presidential bungalow that was inaugurated in 2023.

All bungalows have private bathrooms with solar powered hot water systems, porches with hammocks and ceiling fans ideal for the Amazonian night, which tends to be far cooler than Manaus. The Family, Panoramic and Juma bungalows also have air-conditioning.

Forest ViewBungalows

Very spacious with 41 square meters (441ft²) each, these bungalows are located between the lobby patio and the restaurant. Their location allows for easy access for the elderly or anyone with any mobility issues. Because they are closer to one another, they make for an excellent choice for families with small children.

River ViewBungalows

With 32 square meters (344ft²), these rooms are located in a more secluded and exclusive area of the lodge, nestled into the canopy of the trees and reaching 15 meters (49ft) above the ground during dry season. Ensuring the utmost level of privacy, the river view bungalows were designed to be fully integrated into the forest.