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Well, if you are still not convinced that the Amazon Rainforest is the perfect choice for your next trip, we have selected 10 beautiful images that will definitely prove you a point! Be prepared, you’ll feel the urge to book a flight as soon as you capture the magic of this place.


But, before you scroll down to the pictures, we have to be honest with you, no photograph, no review on TripAdvisor, no video you might watch, truly deliveries the real feeling and emotion of being in the middle of this impressive ecosystem. If you really understand the size and the importance of the Amazon Jungle to the whole planet you’ll, appreciate every bit of the journey.


“Not only does the Amazon encompass the single largest remaining tropical rainforest in the world, it also houses at least 10% of the world’s known biodiversity, including endemic and endangered flora and fauna, and its river accounts for 15-16% of the world’s total river discharge into the oceans.” (WWF)

10 photos of the Amazon Jungle for travel lovers


The sunrise in the jungle. We don’t know a better way to start the day!

Everyone falls for them! Tá certa essa expressão, ou faltou “in love”? (é um jeito mais casual… tá certo)


The feeling you get with new discoveries.


The sun, the breeze, the view… the disconnection from the digital world.


A kid’s dream come true.


To meet new cultures, to talk to different people, to learn… always.


The best mirror is the one from nature. You can take incredible photographs with this effect.


A true gift for your eyes.


It’s so great to feel tiny!


To try new, different and unique flavors given to us by mother nature!



And, as we are very nice to our readers, we have a bonus picture of our riverpool! If you don’t feel like diving into it right now, we would like to know what is your idea of a perfect day!



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