Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Amazon Rainforest

Many tourists from Brazil and from all over the world come to the Amazon Rainforest and choose Juma Amazon Lodge as their stay for different reasons. Each person that arrives here have a very personal way of experiencing the contact with the surroundings, nature and biodiversity, but one thing all of them have in common, they all make sure to register the special moments and adventures they experience here.


A very dear couple had the kindness to share with us their impressions of Juma Lodge and the Amazon Rainforest as the destination choice for their honeymoon. Below, our translation of Renato Ramalho and Vivi Rosa’s testimony.


“As we started to plan our honeymonnone thing was certain: our destination had to be somewhere surrounded by nature. We had the help of an ecouturism agency who presented us many options, but we were so enchanted by the Amazon Rainforest that no other place would change our mind. Shortly afterwards we chose Juma Amazon Lodge because of our identification with their model that encourage the guests to experience and try new things. All of their activities happen outside the hotel, the guests enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. We weren’t looking for hotels or resorts where they come up with facilities or attractions that encourage the guests to stay in. Our stay left us craving for more. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll return and have the chance to visit an uncontacted community as did those who inspires us: Sebastião Salgado, Araquém Alcântara, Villas Boas Brothers and others who appreciate the simple life.” (Renato Ramalho and Vivi Rosa)


Renato is the photographer who took the amazing pictures below. If you have the chance to visit his website you’ll encounter many other portraits and the opportunity to see more of his talented work. We wish Renato and Vivi all the best!



Por Ariana Gomes

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