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Juma Amazon Lodge

We are very grateful for the amazing experience Daniel had at Juma Lodge! We translated his testimony to share with the world. If you want to see more beautiful photographs of his stay with us, please visit


Jungle Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest – How is this experience like?


As I have said before on the latest posts, if you are planning a trip to Manaus, consider combining a few days staying in the city with some days of immersion in the jungle, it can be a Jungle Hotel, River Cruise, Community Based Tourism or Survival in the Jungle.


I spent a few days at Juma Amazon Lodge and, honestly, these were the days I truly and mostly felt I was in the Amazon Rainforest for my entire trip. This eco-friendly jungle hotel is reasonably secluded from Manaus (+ -100km) and the 3-hour alternating two-vans-two-boats journey is already an invitation to disconnect from the rest of the world. At Juma Lodge, you have no internet connection or mobile signal (apart from the welcome desk in case of emergencies). This made me disconnect from dozens of emails, WhatsApp messages and daily notifications, therefore, I was there in body and soul and it could not have been better.


Juma Lodge offers packages from 1 up to 5 nights with transfer, meals (excellent, by the way) and activities already included. The Meeting of the Waters, one of the main attractions of Manaus, and Pirarucu Floating Dock are already included in every package stay as the transfer between the city and the hotel already passes through them. Canoeing, Cayman Spotting, Sunrise in the Amazon, Jungle Hike, Piranha Fishing, Visiting local inhabitants, Tree Climbing (optional), Overnight in the jungle (optional) are some of the activities that you can enjoy depending on the number of days of your stay.


The bungalows make you feel in a stylish treehouse. I thought I would miss the air conditioning, but the night in the jungle is super cool. Since your arrival at the hotel, a local guide is assigned to accompany you from the beginning to the end of your stay, including during the meals. My guide was Franciley, native from the region, good at talking and very knowledgeable!


When planning your trip to the Amazon Rainforest, think about staying in a jungle hotel. It will be hard to regret it! (Pra onde Vamos Hoje).





Por Ariana Gomes

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