Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel


The best way to receive a new year is by making better and smarter choices. To be a conscious person, and more, a conscious traveler, it implies choosing the places you want to visit and the hotels you’ll be staying considering their sustainable practices.


As you may know by now, Juma Lodge is located in one of the most untouched areas of the Amazon Rainforest. Our location attracts tourists from all over the world seeking the immersion into the forest and the close contact with nature and wildlife. We also know and agree that, as a hotel, we need to provide a safety environment as well as comfortable accommodations to attend the basic needs of our guests. And we do this! But for us, and for many of you that finds in Juma Lodge the perfect choice for this adventure, it’s important to say that, above all, sustainability is our main premise and promise.


We develop our activities in accordance with the principles of sustainability, implementing actions aimed to achieve ecological, sociocultural and economic sustainability. We believe that the least we can do is to help maintain and protect our greatest asset: the forest itself!


The lodge has implemented various measures to minimize environmental hazards, such as:


  • Photovoltaic solar energy



  •  Solar water heating



  • Sewage treatment



  • Recycling and waste management center



  • Staff from the community



  • Educational lectures



  • Act of solidarity



  • Participation in charity auctions



To be an example of sustainable hotel in the Amazon Rainforest makes us proud and happy. But to see that the guests realize our work as important towards the protection of this environment, it’s really amazing! Thank you for reading this and thank you for taking this matter seriously. ?


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Por Ariana Gomes

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