En route to Juma, we stop to observe the magnificent Meeting of the Waters, where the muddy waters of the Solimões River meet the black waters of the Negro River. At this crucial junction point, the two rivers – with different speeds, temperatures and consistencies – run side by side for several kilometers without actually mixing, ultimately joining to form the great Amazon River. Passengers will feel the difference in temperature between the two distinct rivers.

Our canoeing tour provides an in depth / up close exploration of the igarapés (Amazonian creeks) and the igapós (flooded forest), an experience made possible only by paddle canoes.

We depart on an evening expedition to observe frogs, birds and most importantly, caymans. Our guide uses only his flashlight to help spot them, making the tour very exciting. The night noises are also impressive, as well as the starry sky.

Early in the morning we will observe the beautiful change in the sky’s color and the sounds of the waking birds. Our guides are equipped with binoculars in order to complement this experience with ample bird watching.

We will board a motorboat to fish and learn more about the infamous piranha as well as other Amazonian fishes. Fishing is easier in the dry season as the fish cannot hide in the flooded areas as they tend to do in the wet season.

In this educational jungle walk, our expert guide will introduce the wildlife of the Amazon. He will show plants and describe their uses, as many are edible or medicinal. The paths implemented in exploration walks are constantly changed to avoid damaging the forest.

Enjoy the insight of one of our highly trained and skilled local guides as he gives an informal lecture on everyday life in the Amazon, local tales and legends, and the overall culture of the region.

After hiking (this one a bit longer, but with fewer stops), we will have lunch (regional cuisine baked over a fire) in a nice hut in the forest and subsequently rest in hammocks, as the natives do.

An Amazonian native will share his knowledge regarding traditional medicinal plants and will demonstrate, among other things, how manioc flour, one of the region’s principal exports and drivers of the economy, is prepared.

We will take a shorter walk to a huge Cedar, one of the largest Amazonian species. Then, in order to make our tourists more involved with the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, we will take them to plant their own tree, a unique experience in the largest forest on the planet!

We will visit a giant Sumaúma tree, approximately 100 years of age. The Sumaúma tree is recognized as the Amazon’s largest tree species in both height and diameter, reaching up to 40 meters (130 ft).

Juma Amazon Lodge maintains a parternship with Amazon Tree Climbing, a specialized chartered company known for pioneering recreational tree climbing in Brazil. Tree climbing provides a unique opportunity to explore the tree tops of the Amazon’s largest trees. This tour is available only upon request prior to travel and must be confirmed via email.

Following dinner, we will take the guests to an overnight stay in the jungle, where they will sleep in hammocks. It is a truly fascinating and unforgettable experience sleeping among the trees and listening to the nearby animal sounds.

This tour allows guests to experience Juma, built completely upon stilts, from a unique perspective: underneath. This fascinating approach provides insight regarding the construction of Juma and the role of sustainability within the lodge.

The Pirarucu (Arapaima Gigas), known as the “giant” of freshwater fish, is a species that can grow to over 3 meters (9.8 ft) in length and weigh in at up to 200 kg (440 lbs).  On our return from Juma, passengers will stop at the Pirarucu Floating Dock and have the chance to feed these giant fish and observe their impressive strength.

In cooperation with a floating platform in Negro River, we can offer close interaction with pink dolphins.

We will visit the Dessana tribe, of Tucana language, where it is possible to see their big huts and watch an interesting music and dance typical show.

The Lake Janauari is a prime area where we can find a significant amount of water lilies. We offer lunch there, in the restaurants by the river.