Field Trips

Juma partnered with biologists Paulo José Sawaya Zezo, a professor of botany, ecology and evolution, and Carlos Eduardo Portes, a doctor of zoology with experience in ecology and behavior. In the excursions, at least one of them accompanies the students.

The activities proposed during the stay have maximum interaction with the forest and with the local inhabitants. They are unique experiences for the students, enabling an exchange of cultures, being these transformative and reflective, fostering in each one the commitment of citizenship and solidarity.

  • Meeting of the Waters

  • Visiting a School

  • Pirarucu Floating Dock

  • Sunset

  • Sustainability Lecture

  • Bird Watching

  • Visiting Local Inhabitants

  • Interaction with Pink Dolphins

  • Sunrise

  • Visiting an Indigenous Tribe

  • Jungle Hikes

  • Cayman Spotting

Throughout the activities carried out in the Juma region, practical classes on local ecology, climatology, geomorphology, anthropic impacts on macro and micro fauna and flora, and distribution of vegetation linked to climate and soil composition are proposed