The Lodge

Juma Amazon Lodge

With its prime location in one of the most remote and preserved regions of the Amazon Rainforest, Juma Amazon Lodge is an intimate and inviting property harmoniously nestled into the forest environment which defines it.


Juma Amazon Lodge features 20 intimate bungalows seamlessly nestled into the lush surroundings of the Amazon Rainforest. In order to accommodate the water levels of the wet season (often rising up to 15 meters, or 49 feet), the property was built on stilts upon solid ground resting at treetop level.


Juma Lodge is entirely eco-friendly in design and construction. All materials used in the construction of Juma are native and found abundantly in the region, carefully extracted from the lodge’s area. Both the construction and the architectural style of the lodge reflect the techniques employed by Amazon River natives when building their own homes.

Juma’s lobby is home to the lodge’s bar, where guests can entertain themselves with board and table games, books pertaining to the Amazon, painting materials and a professional telescope designed for moon and star observation.

The restaurant, specializing in both local and international cuisine, offers its guests an exceptional view of the Juma River. The menu is constantly changing and offers a great variety of flavors. Breakfast and lunch are served as a buffet, dinner is a la carte.

The swimming pool was specially designed under a floating deck protected by submerged railings and uses water from the river itself, making the experience of swimming in the river as safe and authentic as possible. Around it, it is possible to sunbathe and enjoy a cozy bar.