With an unmatched location in one of the most pristine and untouched areas of the Amazon Rainforest, Juma Amazon Lodge develops its activities in accordance with the principles of sustainability, implementing actions aimed to achieve ecological, sociocultural and economic sustainability. We believe that the least we can do is to help maintain and protect our greatest asset: the forest itself!

Below are some relevant actions that we have already implemented:

Juma has a solar power plant, with 268 solar panels arranged in an 875 square meters (9,418ft²) structure 11 meters (36ft) from the ground, minimizing tree pruning and providing 145,000 watts of photovoltaic energy. With the use of 90 batteries, it has been possible to reduce the use of the generator.

All of our bungalows boast a hot water solar system.

Juma’s sewage undergoes a technique reflecting the most modern and efficient methods used throughout the world: separation of fat and oil, solids separation, anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment with fine bubble diffusers, sedimentation, biological filtration, reuse of sludge and disinfection by ultraviolet radiation.

All waste collected from Juma is separated by way of recycling bins strategically placed throughout the lodge and is subsequently stored in a Waste Management Center.

In recognition of our continued efforts throughout the past years to ensure the highest standards of environmentally friendly policies, we had the privilege of receiving from the renowned Quatro Rodas Guide the Award for Sustainable Hotel of the Year 2014.