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If you’re known in your family or in your friendship circle as the storyteller of amazing adventures around the globe, chances are you are a certified traveler. However, if you believe they might be exaggerating, we selected 8 signs that prove you have already been bitten by the travel bug, and we are happy to say there’s is no turning back!


Being addicted to traveling is actually good and healthy for your well-being.


Travel addiction can make you happier, healthier and smarter. When you come back from a vacation you feel rejuvenated and refreshed with pleasant experiences to remember and to share. The exposure to new and different cultures gives us the inspiration to do things differently in our daily routines.


Did you know? According to some studies, people who have skipped their vacation days are more likely to develop heart diseases than frequent travelers.


Check our infographic below and see if you consider yourself a travel addict.


Por Ariana Gomes

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