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The Amazon Rainforest is a great destination for tourists who enjoy nature’s adventures. There are many different things to do and see, both at bright day light or at night. For example, if you stay at Juma for 5 days and nights you can be sure your time will be well spent, we offer a great number of activities for those who wish to explore the best of the jungle experience.


If you believe you won’t have many things to do at night, you’re mistaken! But before the night comes, there is a special moment that we have to make sure you know about so you won’t miss even your stay in the Amazon Rainforest just for one night: the sunset! Behold the sky and remember to take at least one picture to visit this moment anytime in the future.


Amazon Rainforest at night: activities for the brave ones



If it is your first time in the Amazon Rainforest, this is the night ride you don’t want to pass. Our guests and the staff depart on an evening expedition to observe frogs, birds and most importantly, caymans. Our guide uses his flashlight to help spot caymans. With this light, we can see the cayman’s eyes, which reflects a bright red dot, as the animal remains paralyzed and clearly visible. The guide is then able to bring the cayman aboard for participants to see. Afterwards, the cayman is returned to the river, unharmed.




As our guides are natives from the region, after dinner they take the chance to tell our guests a little bit more about their lives. Enjoy the insights of our trained and skilled local guides and learn with their lectures on everyday life in the Amazon, local tales and legends, and the overall culture of the region.



Hiking at night is completely different from walking through the jungle in broad daylight. The lack of luminosity adds mistery to the woods, and it’s at night when the animals make more sounds and noises. It’s nice to enjoy both experiences and being able to compare the differences. The night walk provides a wholly unique experience from any of the lodge’s day trips.




If you think that hiking at night still doesn’t provide you the thrill and adreline you’re looking for, after dinner our guide will take you for an overnight stay in the jungle where you will sleep in hammocks. It is a truly fascinating and unforgettable experience in which you are completely one with nature, sleeping among the trees and listening to the nearby animal sounds.



Day or night: the Amazon Rainforest will enchant you!


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