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Amazon fauna

If you have the opportunity to travel to the Amazon Rainforest one of the things you’ll surely miss after returning home is waking up to the birds’ singing. Did you know humans’ nervous system crave for nature? This lack of contact can raise stress levels.


One of the great pleasures and experiences that you can enjoy here is very simple and easy to do, you just have to look up to the sky! Amazon is the habitat for a great number os birds! So many different species will capture your eyes and soul with their colors and sounds.


Would you care to know a little bit more of a few of them?

Yellow-ridged toucan


Looking at them is like appreciating an artpiece. They’re so perfect and impressive. Their colors, contrast and outlines amaze everyone.


There are different toucan species, this particular one has a yellow base of the upper mandible and culmen, orange-yellow uppertail coverts and the throat and breast are white. Their diet consists on fruits and insects, they live in groups and enjoy sleeping together.



Red Macaw


Red or Scarlet Macaws are quite big parrots with a lenght up to 33 inches. More than half of their lenght though is just the tail. Their colors are mind-blowing as well with incredible shades of red, yellow, green an blue. Their skill to imitate human voice is incredible but they also make a lot of noise.


They are very intelligent and docile, they are considered sociable and affectionate birds. They present a curved beak due to their diet that consists on fruits, little coconuts and seeds.


One peculiar curiosity about them is that when they find a partner, they meet for life! It is a monogamous species.


Festive Parrot


This is the festive parrot, as many other amazon parrots their body is green. However, this species is different on the colors they present on their heads: red to the forehead and blue to the face. In flight, they show deep blue outer wings.


They really like to eat cocoa but they also feed on other fruits, nuts, leaves, coconuts, seeds and ocasionally, eggs and insects.


They inhabit humid forests and enjoy being next to rivers and lakes.


Burrowing owl


The burrowing owl is a small, long-legged owl. They dig holes into the ground to nest and roost in theses burrows. Unlike most owls, the male is usually a little bigger than the female and they are often active during the day.


Another curiosity is that younger owls are funnylooking with messy feathers and have lighter shades than the adult owls. Their eyes can be bigger than their brains to improve their vision during nighttime.



They’re all very charming, right? All of them and the whole Amazon’s biodiversity along with its astonishing landscapes makes for a special place on Earth.


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Por Ariana Gomes

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