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One of the biggest pleasures of a trip to somewhere you have never been before and different from what you are used to, is taking pictures to register all the new experiences you are living. The landscapes, the adventures, the new friends you make along the way, the hotel that will be your home for the next days, the journey to get to your final destination and, when your destination is the Amazon Rainforest, you have a lot of things you want to make sure you’ll always be able to remember.


But this post is actually to thank our guests! They are always in a good mood, they like do learn new things, they are curious and up for eveything. They listen to our guides and the activities are always a blast for everyone. On top of all these they still share their magic moments with all of us!


Aren’t they just the best guests ever? So, once again, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! We really appreciate it!


And now, of course, we have gathered some pictures for you to see all you can enjoy booking your stay at Juma Lodge. If you liked these photos you can see many more pictures using the hashtags #JumaLodge or #JumaAmazonLodge on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us: @juma_amazon_lodge

Photos from Juma’s guests



If you have been to Juma and took pictures you would like to share with us and the world you can either send us by email or tag Juma on Instagram with #JumaLodge or #JumaAmazonLodge.


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