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If you were a teenager right now and your school promoted a trip to the Amazon Rainforest, what would you think about it? We believe that the experiences the students have outside the schools’ borders are fundamental to their learning.


Here, at Juma Amazon Lodge, we offer a great opportunity to schools from all over the world to come to the Amazon Rainforest with a group of students and stay in the heart of the jungle. Having the chance to stay right in the middle of this rich and beautiful ecosystem, 24 hours a day, with no TV or internet connection will provide important moments of social interaction, a deeper concentration and real focus to the environment and to what the teachers have to explain.


We know that a trip like this is something the kids will remember forever, and we strongly believe that the experiences we share as growing up will contribute for the grown ups we are going to become. Themes like sustainability and ecology have great importance here and our single wish is to take action in order to a future where people realize their everyday attitudes and choices have an impact on the world.


If you like this idea, read more about the program below and take it to your school, in case your a teacher or a student, or to the school someone you care about goes.




















































































Field Trip to the Amazon Rainforest with Juma Lodge


Juma partnered with biologists Paulo José Sawaya Zezo, a professor of botany, ecology and evolution, and Carlos Eduardo Portes, a doctor of zoology with experience in ecology and behavior. In the excursions, at least one of them accompanies the students, besides the geology student Gabriel Soares.


The activities proposed during the stay have maximum interaction with the forest and with the local inhabitants. They are unique experiences for the students, enabling an exchange of cultures, being these transformative and reflective, fostering in each one the commitment of citizenship and solidarity.


We format a specific itinerary for the students, which includes the following tours:

  • Meeting of the Waters
  • Pirarucu Floating Dock
  • Bird Watching
  • Sunrise
  • Jungle Hike
  • Photography Workshop
  • Sunset
  • Visiting Local Inhabitants
  • Hike with Picnic in the Jungle
  • Cayman Spotting
  • Visiting a School
  • Sustainability Lecture
  • Interaction with Pink Dolphins
  • Visiting an Indigenous Tribe


Throughout the activities carried out in the Juma region, practical classes on local ecology, climatology, geomorphology, anthropic impacts on macro and micro fauna and flora, and distribution of vegetation linked to climate and soil composition are proposed.


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Por Ariana Gomes

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