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Amazon Rainforest

Hello everyone! How are you? Today we would like to share with you the amazing work of Rita Barreto, a photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.


Since 2009 she organizes trips for groups of photographers to the Pantanal, to the Amazon Rainforest and to other beautiful places in Brazil. Her group and herself came to Juma Lodge in February of 2017, accompanied by Valdemir Cunha, a very good and experienced photographer, and the result of this incredible journey you are able to see in the pictures below, or at her flickr account:


The pictures below were taken from her Instagram Account: And be suprised: on her IG she only posts pictures she took with a smartphone. ?


Before going over to the photos let’s see what she has to say about the trip:


“Heading back home is always nice, but also makes us miss the places we just left. This trip was really important and the moment was just right. What’s left for me to do now is to say thank you to Juma Lodge staff for the stay and for the attention and care they had with us during those 7 days. We appreciate the effort and the dedication with everything, which was fundamental for the success of a well done job with Valdemir Cunha.” – Rita Barreto




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Por Ariana Gomes

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