Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Juma Amazon Lodge

We invited a very special couple to spend a couple of days here at Juma Amazon lodge and they had a blast! They took many beautiful pictures and made a video with their best moments that we happily share with you below. Push play and start dreaming about your next vacation!



Now that you have seen the video, read about Marcio’s first impressions and enjoy more photos of this memorable trip! If you want to take a closer look visit his website.


“The arrival at Juma Amazon Lodge is triumphant! Seeing all that structure in the middle of the forest is exciting. As soon as we arrived, Leon, one of the hotel guides, served us a juice and passed us the entire program of the hotel and the tours included in our package.


Ralf was our guide, borned and raised in the region, he understands everything about the flora, fauna and forest survival. In addition, he speaks perfect English and as 98% of the tourists are foreigners it facilitates the dialogue.


Our first tour was a canoe ride around the hotel. This was one of the tours we enjoyed most. It was almost two hours and a half of paddling in the Juma River and observing various species of fish and birds.”



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Por Ariana Gomes

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