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Juma Amazon Lodge

According to our guests


We do not try to hide all the things we know are great about Juma Lodge! This Blog is all about showing you all the things you can enjoy at Juma Amazon Lodge and many other information about the Amazon Rainforest we believe are relevant and essencial for those who are thinking about visiting this place.


As we have said, we know by heart all that makes this a special place in the Amazon Rainforest, but we thought we could bring you the point of view of our guests. It’s nice to see that the Juma Lodge, as the Amazon Rainforest, touches each one in a different way.

The top 4 things about Juma Lodge, by the guests


Juma Lodge is integrated within the jungle in a preserved and remote area – that is the best because you can really experience the contact with the nature that surrounds the lodge. You get to interact with the monkeys that visit the lodge and disconnect from the rest of the world.



Juma’s group of practices towards sustainability is also another thing that was mentioned a lot by the people who have stayed in our hotel. Our guests certainly appreciate our concern and care for the natural resources of the region. Most of them usually say someting positive about our sustainable structure.



What surprises us sometimes, in a good way of course, is how often our staff is mentioned on our social media or even on TripAdvisor. Many guests make sure to congratulate our staff and this is very important for us to keep evaluating our performances. Our staff is trained and very dedicated, and our clients not only perceive this, but also like to emphasize that this is a great quality of our hotel!



Our Breakfast! Because it’s delicious and you have many different options to choose what to eat! Our specialties are the tapioca and queijo coalho (a firm but very lightweight cheese produced in Northeastern Brazil, similar to cheese curd).



Did you like it? These were just some of the things our guests usually mention about us. If you have any doubts or want to know more about our jungle lodge, please get in touch!


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Por Ariana Gomes

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