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Meet Grace and Jason, a couple from San Francisco/US, that shares a passion: trying unique and different food from all over the World. They have recently come to Juma Lodge and we found their pictures on Instagram! You have to visit their IG because the pictures are beautiful and tell a lot, not only about the cuisine of the world but also about its many different cultures. Follow:


Read about their adventure at Juma Lodge and check out some pictures!



“We spent some time in the Amazon jungle. We started the journey from Manaus and headed towards the Juma region, one of the most remote and preserved regions of the Amazon Rainforest. The 140km distance took 4 hours by van, boat, another van, and another boat. Along the way, we got to see the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ up close; it’s where two Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers run side by side without mixing. After 4 hours in a van, boat, van, and boat from Manaus, we made it to the Juma Amazon Lodge! This is where we spent the night. The Juma region of the Amazon rainforest is one of the most remote and in a fully preserved area of 17,300 acres. There are a total of 21 bungalows; all materials used in the construction are native and extracted from the surrounding area. And of course, there was no wifi, cell signal, and A/C.


Our room was directly facing the Amazon river with a balcony and hammock. Although it wasn’t quite as “real” as sleeping in a hammock inside the jungle, it was still one hell of an experience along with all of the activities we did during the day!



At Juma Lodge, there is a buffet for all meals (we are in the middle of nowhere ?). The simple meals were quite good with a variety of meats and potatoes. The restaurant overlooks Amazon River below.



We did a 2 hour trek inside of the jungle, which was out of this world. There was a semi-trail but our guide still had to slash through overgrown bushes using a machete. We found a couple of larvae hidden inside a shell and our guide offered them as a small snack.



After our jungle trek, we went piranha fishing and caught several that we ended up eating for dinner. Later that evening, we went hunting for caiman (similar to an alligator) and found a couple in the Amazon river; it was so awesome being able to hold them in our hands!”


All pictures: @cityfoodsters


If you want to know more about them, visit the website:

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