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Juma Amazon Lodge

Dayana Souza, owner of the Seguindo Viagem travel blog, came to Juma Lodge this month and the result is nothing but a compilation of amazing photos, a cool GoPro video and many tips and a few considerations about this journey, a journey into the deeps of the Amazon Rainforest and, why not say, a journey deep into someone’s soul.


First, we have to say that she’s done an incredible job and if you want to risk some portuguese and see many more beautiful photographs you should most certainly visit her Blog post.


She came to Juma Lodge to spend three nights in the middle of the jungle and disconnected from the rest of the world in response to ours and Lily’s (Apaixonados por Viagem) invitation.


On the way to Juma Amazon Lodge.


Meeting of the Waters.

As we have said in the beginning of the post, Dayana came to Juma in July, during the wet season which, in her opinion, the Amazon rainforest is even more beautiful.



She stayed at our master suite: our panoramic bungalow! This suite is already equipped  with a king size double bed, however if it’s needed there is enough space for two extra single beds.




The panoramic bungalow was strategically built facing the sunset and the view is overwhelming! The sunset in the Amazon rainforest is definitely a must-see. Everyday you can enjoy a different spectacle of the sky. It’s so beautiful that we have dedicated a special post only to our sky: The beautiful sky of the Amazon Rainforest.  



Looking at this beautiful smile we can imagine where Dayana had the best time of her long weekend! Our river pool has really made a good impression on her and delivered great pictures.




Watch her best moments captured on the GoPro:



Thank you Dayana for sharing your experience with us! We hope to see you soon.


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Por Ariana Gomes

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