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Amazon Rainforest

A small guide for you to start planning your next vacation with destination to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil! After you read the answers below you’ll see that organizing a trip to the Amazonia is much easier than you think.


Priority knowledge I have to know before going to the Amazon Rainforest

How do I book my reservation?


Telephone numbers and e-mails work very well to get in touch with the hotels. Of course you can book your stay through the lodge’s website or even through other travel sites in the internet. In Juma Lodge’s case, for example, you even have the option to talk to the hotel staff through WhatsApp messages (Phone number: +55 11 92 991422708). 

What should I take in the luggage?


We have written a special post about this topic to help all those who have the desire to come to the Amazon Rainforest and enjoy the most of the experience. But we can give you some quick tips right now! Take note, you don’t want to forget these itens: a hat to protect you from the sun as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. Light clothing, pants and a good pair of comfortable sneakers  for trekking. (If you really want to be prepared visit: Amazon Rainforest: what to pack?)

Is it a place full of mosquitoes?


Well, some regions of the Amazon Rainforest have a higher concentration of mosquitoes than others. Happily for us, our lodge is located in an area where the high acidity level in the water makes it harder for the mosquitoes to reproduce. So, if you choose to come to Juma Lodge bring a simple repellent and it will do you just fine. If you choose to stay at somewhere near the Solimoes river, for instance, you better look for powerful repellents.

Do I need to take vaccines?


It is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever at least ten days prior to the trip. This vaccine is valid for 10 years.

How do I book a shuttle from Manaus?


When you book your stay you also inform the time you’ll be arriving at the Manaus’ Airport or the time you want to be picked up at your hotel. The transportation from the city to the lodge is done in vans and boats along the rivers.

Can I travel with children?


Of course you can! We have written on this blog a few moths ago how this travel is actually perfect to bring the kids and the whole family. If you want to know more about this topic, visit: The Amazon Rainforest: Perfect destination for the kids’ vacation.


What is the difference about the hotels? How do I choose the best for me?



There are some hotels that look like resorts. And there are other ones that choose to focus on the experiences the guests are willing to have when it comes to visiting this unique and special place on Earth. If you are looking for deep immersion into the forest, Juma Lodge is a perfect choice! We offer a great variety of rides, experienced guides and you’ll still find comfortable accommodations with all you need.

What about the food? Do I need to worry about my meals?



We really don’t think this is going to be a problem for you. Of course you should be aware in case you have any allergies to some components, and you can always talk to our kitchen staff or even make some requests pior to your stay. We serve typical food from the Amazonia, but our dishes are always fresh! Fresh fish, fresh fruits and universal food as rice and beens. If you want to know more about our restaurant, please visit: Juma’s Restaurant – Unique flavors for all.



If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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