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Juma Amazon Lodge

In tune with nature’s rhythm, the freshwater swimming pool changes color with the seasons in the Amazon

Despite any philosophical concept, none of the guests at the Juma Amazon Lodge plunge twice into the same river, especially they are
diving into the freshwater pool of this forest hotel that is located some 100 kilometers from Manaus, and isolated in the heart of the

The pool, which was designed to enable guests to interact fully with the Juma River, has a steel mesh through which water can pass, but
not animals. Its appearance is dictated by the rhythm of nature, with the tonality of the water changing according to the two seasons that
prevail in Brazil’s northern region. During the flood period, from March to August, the level of the rivers rises and the pool becomes
dark brown, while in the other months of the year, during the dry season, the water is clear.

When you are planning a trip to the Amazon, you need to be aware of changes in the landscape depending on the season, as some outdoor
activities are also impacted. The season with the greatest accumulation of water is for appreciating the flooded regions of the forest, the igapós, while the dry season is for fishing and spotting alligators.

But accommodation at the Juma Amazon Lodge at any time of the year is guided by the spirit of adventure. Children and adults alike are
encouraged to discover more about the habits and characteristics of the animals that live in the forest surrounding the property. This interaction is stimulated within a process of exchange and learning, but always in a safe way; and always in the company of local
monitors, who are keen to show guests the natural beauty and teach them how to preserve one of the most important ecosystems in the

At the end of each journey immersed in nature, there is nothing better than returning to the hotel to enjoy the evening on the floating
deck, whether by cooling off with a drink at the small pool bar, or going for an invigorating freshwater swim.

Flood season


flood season Photo: @triptofollow

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