Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Juma Amazon Lodge

During the last weeks we have posted on our Facebook Page the hashtag #JumaLodgeAroundTheWorld. What does it stand for? When you see this hashtag it means a blog, site or magazine, from any part of the world, has mentioned Juma as a great destination for travelers who enjoy adventure, ecotourism, sustainability and also seek for a unsual option to relax surrounded by nature.


Some of these articles are quite complete providing the readers an overall information about our lodge and also giving great advice on what to pack and other common doubts our guests have when booking their first trip to the Amazon Rainforest.


How about checking out some of them? All the links we have selected to be part of this list are in english. But on our Facebook page we have shared many more articles from different countries and languages.


Out Of Town Blog: One of the most respected travel blogs in the world:


We were also mentioned as a popular choice of place to stay by CBS Local Houston:


The Blog What’s Gaby Cooking related the whole experience of staying at our lodge



USA Today pointed Juma as one of the best ways for viewing the largest rainforest on earth:



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Por Ariana Gomes