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Juma Amazon Lodge

We are very proud to present our new Panoramic Bungalow. It’s our master suite! It’s the newest, biggest and most comfortable room at Juma Amazon Lodge.


We oftenly receive newlyweds that are looking for a fun and adventurous honeymoon and these are really special guests. All of our guests are very important to us, but some couples choose Juma Lodge as their first trip as a married couple and this brings a lot of responsability to us! We want their stay to be as magical as it possible can. This is why we put a lot of effort to build this presidential bungalow, to present our guests another great accommodation choice!


Of course it isn’t just for newlyweds! It is for anyone who appreciates a panoramic view like this one!


Panoramic Bungalow’s Features


The size of this room is really impressive, 345 ft²! As other bungalows are already comfortable and have always accommodated our guests really well, this suite size is almost the double as compared to the regular ones. Its round shape provides an amazing panoramic view to the river. The bathroom is also bigger and more luxurious and the bed is a king size bed marriage box.


On the balcony there are also chairs and two hammocks for relaxing and view appreciation.


Enough of small talk! Let’s take a look at the pictures, shall we?




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Por Ariana Gomes

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