Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Juma Amazon Lodge

Juma’s restaurant, as the whole hotel, was built on stilts and has a beautiful view to the river. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served in buffet with local and international cuisine. The restaurante is in rustic style. Its tables and benches are long and curved, creatively carved out of wood.



Some dishes are, of course, traditional from Brazil as rice and beans! If you like to taste different flavors and try local cuisuine the main dishes are certainly the amazonian fish. There is the pirarucu (arapaima), the world’s largest freshwater fish, the surubim,  the peacock bass, piranhas and the tambaqui! This last one is special because it’s considered the tastiest of all. These fish are often eaten grilled, fried or stewed.


Often the piranhas eaten at Juma were fished by the guests! The guides also like to sit down with the guests during the meals to explain the dishes that are being served.



But you don’t need to worry if you don’t eat or don’t like fish. During the meals, meat and chicken, as well pasta, are also served to our guests. We make sure to offer different options to please everyone. If you have any considerations, restrains or doubts about our menu, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Amazonian fruits are quite typical so we advise you to try them all. Maybe it will be difficult for you to have the chance to taste these fruits in other places and their flavors are pretty unique, as the cupuaçu for instance. Or you love it or you hate it, but you have got to try! If we were able to describe it we would say it is sweet, sour and tart at the same time. Graviola, taperebá and ingá are other typical fruits from Amazonia that you may eat or drink their juice!



At breakfast you’ll be offered to try tapioca! Tapioca is basically a starch made from cassava’s root. Its flavor isn’t strong at all so it’s usually eaten in Brazil as crepe-like pancakes with both salty or sweet fillings.



Did you get hungry? We did! Until next time!


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Por Ariana Gomes