Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Amazon Rainforest

Juma River is located 62 miles (100 km) southeast of Manaus in a fully preserved area of 17,300 acres (7.000 hectares). Even though it’s got an easy access, it remains a remote and unspoilt area.


Besides its great location, Juma River is a popular destination for those who enjoy adventure and seek to explore the wildlife. The waters run slow and the river is as calm and nice to enjoy as a big lake. A unique environment that provides contact with a rich ecosystem and preserved biodiversity.

Juma Amazon Lodge is located on the banks of the river and it is entirely eco-friendly in design and construction. All materials used in the construction of Juma are native and found abundantly in the region, carefully extracted from the surrounding area. 12 bungalows feature a special view to the river which provides our guests the most unforgettable memories and pictures of one of the most colorful skies they will ever see.




These bungalows are nestled into the canopy of the trees, reaching 15 meters (49 ft) above the ground during dry season. It might seem a little bit high, but this construction is very important once the water level rises a lot in flood seasons.


So, which season is the best to visit the Amazon Rainforest? Well, that depends on you, of course. It depends on your expectations, and most of all, which activities you are longing to enjoy.


During the flood season, which occurs from March to August, it’s the ideal moment to see the lush, flooded lands, known as igapó, in all of their glory, really feeling what the riverside community life looks like. It’s possible to take a better look at the local vegetation and fruits.


During the dry season, which occurs from September to February, is better to fish and spot caymans.


But you don’t need to worry, you don’t have to put up a complicated schedule, both seasons are propitious for ecotourism.


On the video below you can check a ride through Juma River.


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