Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel


A big part of the whole Amazon Rainforest experience is, without a doubt, the outdoor activities you’ll be able to enjoy during your stay at Juma Amazon Lodge. If you have already visited our website you might have noticed we display some packages. The options go from one full day up to five nights with all the rides and tours we have carefully assembled for you.


Curious about these tours? Just so you can have an overall picture of this trip, read below our main rides:


  • Meeting of the Waters
  • Pirarucu Floating Dock
  • Jungle Hike
  • Tour around the Lodge
  • Canoeing
  • Alligator Spotting
  • Sunrise Excursion
  • Piranha Fishing
  • Lecture
  • Picnic in the Jungle
  • Visiting Local Inhabitants
  • Visiting a Sumaúma Tree
  • Craft Workshops
  • Jungle Hike at Night
  • Tree Climbing (to be confirmed)
  • Overnight in the Jungle


If you would like to read some more important information about them, click here.


Today, let’s take a closer look at 3 of our most requested activities!




Juma Amazon Lodge maintains a parternship with Tree Climbing, a specialized chartered company known for pioneering recreational tree climbing in Brazil. Tree climbing provides a unique opportunity to explore the tree tops of the Amazon’s largest trees. This tour is available only upon request prior to travel and must be confirmed via email.




We will embark upon a jungle night walk, the time of day in which animals make the most sounds and the light of the forest is minimal, thus making the experience much more authentic and mysterious. The night walk provides a wholly unique experience from any of the lodge’s day trips.




Following dinner, your guide will take you for an overnight stay in the jungle where you will sleep in hammocks. It is a truly fascinating and unforgettable experience in which you are completely one with nature, sleeping among the trees and listening to the nearby animal sounds.


What about that? Really nice, right? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Follow our Social Media Channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Por Ariana Gomes

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