Learn more about the Amazon and the Juma Lodge: a jungle hotel

Juma Amazon Lodge

We believe that traveling for tourism will take a whole other meaning. People will travel with purpose, seeking real and unique experiences. The Amazon Jungle is the perfect example of destination one’s connection within oneself and nature is achieved, while staying far from crowded places providing an even safer space. We are ready to welcome you!


Rest assured: during the time we were closed we worked hard behind the scenes to put in place lots of good practice to ensure the safety and well being of all our guests and staff, always following strict health and safety protocols. This means vigorous cleaning and disinfection multiple times a day by staff wearing PPE.

Below, you can take a look at some of our good practices in order to maintain a safe environment:


Check in – All check-in formalities will, whenever possible, be completed online, to reduce contact and time at the reception.  Also, we will request guests to disinfect the outside of their luggage with a bactericidal product. Hand sanitizer will also be provided.


Each guest will receive, at check-in, a unique and exclusive kit with a 3-layer face mask (according to WHO specifications), gloves and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Extra kits will be available for purchase.



Staff – All Juma Lodge employees will wear PPE, are instructed to respect the physical distance and frequently touched areas are regularly disinfected.


Signage – increased signage with safety and hygiene protocols and instructions


Sanitation – sanitation stations available to all guests and staff.


Another point we would like to emphasize is that the natural ventilation and the ceiling fans have ever been more than enough to achieve a comfortable temperature at our hotel, as we know that the forest is cooler at night. In the past we have made the choice not to use air conditioning because we knew it already was the more ecologic way to go and, in the present, we see it’s even the safest too.




These are only some of the protocols in place at our hotels. Our team is able to respond to your inquiries – just send us an email:

What can you do for us?


Follow the guidelines and speak up if you see something wrong. Please let us know. Also, be kind and understanding to everyone.


We hope to see you soon because we know that the best part of our memories, is creating them!


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Get in touch: or give us a call +55 92 3232 2707. You can also reach us through ou WhatsApp : +55 92 99142 2708.

Por Ariana Gomes

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